Mikellephant Fund

The Mikellephant Sanctuary Fund-

We began the Mikellephant Sanctuary Fund to raise money for various organizations that are working to preserve and care for the elephant population.
For our current project, the “what made the elephant happy?” writing contest, we have chosen three organizations. The first is fighting the root cause of the problem which is elephant poaching. The second organization fosters baby elephants that are orphaned by poaching. And the third, takes in circus elephants and gives them back their dignity and freedom.

Stopping Poaching:
Nick Brandt’s Big Life Foundation   www.biglifeafrica.org
It is estimated that 30-40,000 elephants are killed by poaching in Africa each year. The current population of the African elephant is approximately 400, 000. If this rate of poaching continues, the African elephant will be extinct in 10 years. Isn’t poaching illegal? Yes it is! But poaching rates have greatly increased in recent years. Elephants are being killed and their tusks are being sold to the Asian markets to be used for ivory toothpicks and ivory stamps.
Can you imagine a 14,000 lb majestic creature being brutally killed to make a toothpick?

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust    www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org
Poachers kill adult elephants for their tusks. This leaves baby members of the tribe orphaned. An elephant is reared by its mother for 10 years. It cannot survive in the wild on its own. This foundation rescues and cares for these helpless victims until they are old enough to be returned back into the wild.

Restoring dignity:
The Elephant Sanctuary    www.elephants.com
Elephants are extremely social animals and are deeply bonded to the other members in their tribes. In their normal lives they travel great distances, walking 30-50 miles each day. To keep an elephant in the confined space of a circus or a zoo and to tear them away from their family members is especially tragic for these intelligent, loving and sensitive animals. In addition, abusive techniques are used for training to get elephants to perform stunts that are completely cruel and unnatural.

All proceeds from the writing contest go to the Mikellephant Sanctuary Fund. Out of the $5.00 entrance fee for the writing contest, $4.70 goes directly into the fund. The $0.30 taken out of the $5.00 is a paypal processing fee.

For each Happy Elephant Necklace sold, (including wholesale pieces) Mikelle Design donates $10 to the Mikellephant Fund.

All monies in the Mikellephant fund are given to the chosen organizations. Mikelle Design will be distributing donations at the end of the writing contest on or about Jan. 15th, 2012.