About the Contest….

The “What made the elephant happy” Writing Contest

Step 1:

What to write:

Simply write a poem, short story, or song lyrics between 1-3 pages (750 words or less) telling us your version of “what made the elephant happy?”

 Have fun.  We wish to inspire you to tap into your inner muse and create.  Please don’t think you need to be a top-selling novelist to enter because each entry helps elephants equally!

 Write a lullaby, a limerick, a haiku, a song you might sing in the shower, a children’s song, a sweet story, a moving tale, a love song, a little ditty. Feel free to be creative with the interpretation, you may come up with a whimsical idea or choose a more serious theme such as the crisis with the elephant population. Place the “what made the elephant happy?” question in your mind for a few days and see what arises from your juicy creative self.

All entries must be received by 11:59 pm MARCH 15, 2012

Entry tip:  Create and edit your entry offline.  You can either upload the file or cut and paste entry in the space provided on the entry form.  Please note:  Once you submit your entry, it is final and cannot be changed. You can enter up to five times ($5.00 entry fee is required each time).

Please note:  If you are submitting a song, you are welcome to submit an mp3 or video; you must however submit written lyrics of the song on the entry form.  Judging is based on lyrics only and music/musical performance or visual works will not be considered in the judging.

 Only entries submitted through this site will be accepted. 

Contest Details….

There are 2 divisions

  • 18 years and older
  • 17 years and younger

*PLEASE SPECIFY IN THE TITLE OF YOUR SUBMISSION IF YOU ARE 17 YEARS AND UNDER.  17 years and younger winner will be required to show proof of age.** 17 years and under must submit entry via parent’s or guardian’s email address.  See Official Rules for details.


One winner chosen in each division will win :

  •  an 18k gold and diamond happy elephant necklace
  • a copy of Nick brandt’s book, ON THIS EARTH, A SHADOW FALLS

 See “Prizes” under “About” tab.

 We are honored to have Malachy Mc Court and David Amram as our final judges!                        Please see “Our Team” for details. 

 Winners will be announced on or about April 15, 2012.


Step 2:

Enter competition by paying the contest entrance fee.

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